27 - 28. 7. 2024 Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Vlajka Černé Hory Chorvatská vlajka

27 - 28. 7. 2024
Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Rakouská vlajka Chorvatská vlajka

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Big thanks to you and your entire organizing team for the excellent organization of the tournament. I ride about 11 years after the events various levels, including the top-Filled, but this was by far your best. The entire tournament was played in a surreal sports and cultural atmosphere.

Not to mention the opening and closing of the tournament! That was great, including invited guests from the football environment. The fact that the boys could play before the eyes of the head coach of the Czech national team, it was for me a dream come true ...

They just gave it to the maximum and it was truly know every step !!

For FK Hodonin once again thank you very much and we would be very happy if you invite us next time!

Michal Bíza

FK Hodonín z.s.

Beautiful setting, common onset ala Olympics, precise organization, played with 5 + 1 to 4 pitches at the same time, the match lasted 20 minutes, just the joy of football.

We all loved by you, once again thank you.

Petr Kotora

Graffin Vlašim

On behalf of our team and I want you to all who helped you with this thank you for the opportunity to attend your event.

Really well organized and backed by action.

Congratulations and thank you very much for the boys.

Miroslav Matouš

1.FK Příbram

Once again, many thanks for the nice tournament, we'll all you Moravia liked and happy again someday arrive.

Ing. Petr Soběslav

Viktorka Žižkov

Very nicely thank you, for the opportunity to participate brilliantly organized tournament.

We will be very happy if we'll be able to participate again in the future.

Stopka Martin

FC Petržalka Akadémia

Also very nice Thank you, we could be a part of such a nice tournament, organized by a very high level.

Thanks again and we look forward to the next appointment.


Domino Bratislava