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27 - 28. 7. 2024
Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Rakouská vlajka Chorvatská vlajka

Valmez Cup 2016

Valmez Cup 2016 is over!

References from coaches and fans

During the weekend we finished fighting about beautiful round nonsense that we all love so much.

We hope that you have spent a weekend in the heart of Wallachia and pleasantly CARRY have their teams especially nice experience, as you have beautiful weather and more friends know, and that your stay with us to help the team in the next football and human growth.

We tried to not only prepare courses and playing schedule, but also organizations taking ceremony, free admission to the pool, tombola, bouncy castles, evening entertainment and a festive ending the presence of national coach Pavel Vrba.

Thank you, coaches, for the incredible support during the critical Sunday morning when we had to completely dig gameplay groups of 17-26.místo when fell Vlašimi teams and Zabrze due to intestinal virus diseases. I met a lot of coaches-people who came out to meet us, and only through understanding, we can ensure the smooth running of the tournament with a planned time of termination. Additionally, the changes meant a higher number of minutes played for teams from the group of 17-26 place.

We also thank all the fans who found their way to our stadium, players and created a great atmosphere throughout the tournament.

We also registers great many fans, who used the opportunity to watch the tournament through live broadcasts.

On the site are already present complete results of the tournament and still is to specify a photo gallery of the tournament.

The whole tournament was preparing a team of dedicated parents and so is amateurish act of people who have other jobs and all the work children do in their free time, who do not work, at home or the remaining members of the family :-). For it is I admire and despite the mistakes they adorem.

We will be glad if you write us how you liked and what you would for the next tournament recommended improved.

Your reference glad we place on our site, we attract to our tournament sponsors and other quality of personality and ensure you an unforgettable stay in the heart of Wallachia.

Thank you.

Ondra Koňařík
Director of tournament VALMEZ CUP 2016

A report from the Regional Tournament television CZ

Interview with Czech national football team coach Pavel Vrba

What are the ambitions of the national team at this year's European Championships, and both were satisfied with the level of tournament ValMez CUP 2016 corresponded Regional Television CZ Pavel Vrba.



Very good tournament with international participation at a high level. On Valmez Cupe're experiencing the best and most famous teams from Czech, Poland and Slovakia by about another perhaps less known, but for their work with the youth shall we say that high-quality teams.

Participation of cooperatives, the organization of the tournament, sports facility and the accompanying action this tournament surpasses many other tournaments taking place in Central Europe. For our club MŠK FOMAT Martin'd recommend to anyone who are fans of soccer, to see him...



U11 coach Martin MŠK FOMAT

Hello Ondro - actually I greet the entire implementation team ValMez CUP 2016,

I agree with my colleague and our fans that it was time the tournament a little bit better than last year. Super busy, high-quality teams from across the country and abroad. The organization was again one and look forward to next year because your tournament in our calendar has always clearly defined place - you're just always in the base. Once again big thanks to all of you.

Ing. Petr Soběslav

Viktorka Žižkov U11


I'd like to also take this opportunity to once again thank you for an excellent tournament and the possibility for him to start. City environment and the area of ​​stadium is very nice conditions for the tournament were at the highest level. The timetable was complied precisely, without unnecessary downtime. This is in an amount of matches is very difficult, but you've mastered it to perfection with an asterisk. That to me very pleased. Mal it with its Organising team prepared fantastically. Were you able to respond to any inconvenience. Good job !!! I commend all those who helped in organizing this cool tournament. You were all great. Those folks have mastered everything around buffets, everything runs smoothly at 110%. He remembered and great weather. Conditions for matches were excellent as well and the occupancy of the tournament. Accommodation and meals we were Extremely satisfied !!! Food was really cool, and it were for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All beautifully prepared. He had the possibility to visit the waterpark which was great. He liked the accompanying program and on Saturday and Sunday. The opening tournament was beautiful and equally the completion of his. They liked the players as they went under the stands. It was great, it was also present master Vrba. He is a great person and coach. I come across him at several conferences in the Czech Republic and I know that it strongly supports the youth, which is great. I want boasts a referees who have mastered the huge amount of matches !!! Hat down in front of them. Matches were very good, we were able to compare the power of different cooperatives. Lad, parent of a player and the tournament was very liked and we are very happy that we could play on it. Everyone that helped They were very accommodating and nice. Mal a great people around. The biggest reward for you is joy and experiences you have children / by a player, trainer and parent this turnajom offered.

Words can not even express is so big thank-you for everything!!!! Happy of players is that the largest reward you for your amazing amount of work!!! We greet everyone, and thank you!!!


Viktor Miko

U11 coach and coordinator FC Spartak Trnava

Ahoj Ondro,

thanks again for a very successful Tournament. I know how much it costs to arrange this work.

Hats off to whatever you are doing.


Zbrojovka Brno U11


For Team SK Sigma Olomouc, we would like you and indeed all that participated in the tournament, thank you very much. On mastered better organize the tournament I was not. Players, coaches, parents were nadšení.Moc thank you for the invitation and we look forward to the next tournament in your direction. Nice day.

SK Sigma Olomouc

Ondrej it was great,

We at FK Inter Bratislava thanking, we spent the amazing tournament in a beautiful region. Our children are very liked and well coached, indeed the entire tournament was amazing. Thanks once more and we will be happy, if we have again a year opportunity to play your tournament. Nice greetings from Bratislava.

FK Inter Bratislava

Hello to ValMez,

We owe you and your organization team admiration and respect!

Boys to football compared to the teams that normally not meet at tournaments in the country. We thank the organizers for a very nice and very professionally prepared Tournament.

12th place overall is a super result for us and a great experience

Thank you.

Katka Straková

Team Leader - year 2005 | FK Mlada Boleslav

Hi guys,

Even after a year again to say that this tournament is the absolute leader in CZECH REPUBLIC. Too bad that organizers draw a line through the budget of the two teams after Saturday's program had to leave due to health problems. But organizers of  Valašské Meziříčí made it great again. The whole event was like last year magnificently prepared.

Thanks again for everything and good luck in football season!!

If next year ValMez Cup, we will be very happy if you invite us again!!


Michal Bíza

FK Hodonín, z.s.