2018 21.4. - 22.4. 2018
III. ročník Mezinárodního fotbalového turnaje kategorie U13
International youth football tournament category U13
Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Rakouská vlajka

Year 2017

Second annual international football tournament U12 categories will be held from 29.4. to 4.30 2017.

The tournament was attended by a total of 28 top teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Serbia.

Game system of the tournament

1FK Viktoria Žižkov
2TJ Val. Meziříčí I.
3MŠK Žilina
4First Vienna FC
5Borac Čačak
6FC Svratka Brno
7TJ Sokol Dub n. M.
11.FK Příbram
2FC Baník Ostrava
3Domino Bratislava
4 F. AC Wien
5Gwardia Warsava
6 FC Zbrojovka Brno
7 TJ Val. Meziříčí II.
1Bohemians Praha 1905
2Inter Bratislava
3MŠK Fomat Martin
4FK Hodonín
5LKS Chlebnia
61.FC Slovácko
7FK Mladá Boleslav
1AC Sparta Praha
2 SK Sigma Olomouc
3 MŠK Púchov
4 FC Stadlau
5 AS Trenčín
7 FC Viktoria Plzeň

The tournament under the patronage took excellent football coach, Mr. Pavel Vrba, which we greatly appreciate.

Pavel Vrba

List of registered teams

TJ Valašské MeziříčíTJ Valašské Meziříčí
First Vienna FCFirst Vienna FC
MŠK PúchovMŠK Púchov
FK Viktoria ŽižkovFK Viktoria Žižkov
FK Inter BratislavaFK Inter Bratislava
FC Viktoria PlzeňFC Viktoria Plzeň
Bohemians Praha 1905Bohemians Praha 1905
FK Mladá BoleslavFK Mladá Boleslav
AC Sparta Praha AC Sparta Praha
FC Baník OstravaFC Baník Ostrava
MŠK Fomat MartinMŠK Fomat Martin
1.FC Slovácko1.FC Slovácko
FC Zbrojovka BrnoFC Zbrojovka Brno
FC Svratka BrnoFC Svratka Brno
SK Sigma OlomoucSK Sigma Olomouc
Borac ČačakBorac Čačak
Gwardia WarsavaGwardia Warsava
Akademia LKS ChlebniaAkademia LKS Chlebnia
1.FK Příbram1.FK Příbram
MŠK ŽilinaMŠK Žilina
Floridsdorfer AC WienFloridsdorfer AC Wien
FC StadlauFC Stadlau
AS Trenčín AS Trenčín
Domino BratislavaDomino Bratislava
FK HodonínFK Hodonín
TJ Sokol Dub nad MoravouTJ Sokol Dub nad Moravou
TJ Valašské MeziříčíTJ Valašské Meziříčí

We contacted other top teams from Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, England and other countries.

The aim of the tournament is to give all teams and their fans quality sport experience in the heart of the beautiful Kingdom of Wallachia.

References from last year

Complete Reference from last year are available here.

Hello Ondro - actually I greet the entire implementation team ValMez CUP 2016,

I agree with my colleague and our fans that it was time the tournament a little bit better than last year. Super busy, high-quality teams from across the country and abroad. The organization was again one and look forward to next year because your tournament in our calendar has always clearly defined place - you're just always in the base. Once again big thanks to all of you.

Ing. Petr Soběslav

Viktorka Žižkov 2005


For Team SK Sigma Olomouc, we would like you and indeed all that participated in the tournament, thank you very much. On mastered better organize the tournament I was not. Players, coaches, parents were nadšení.Moc thank you for the invitation and we look forward to the next tournament in your direction. Nice day.

SK Sigma Olomouc

Hi guys,

Even after a year again to say that this tournament is the absolute leader in CZECH REPUBLIC. Too bad that organizers draw a line through the budget of the two teams after Saturday's program had to leave due to health problems. But organizers of  Valašské Meziříčí made it great again. The whole event was like last year magnificently prepared.

Thanks again for everything and good luck in football season!!

If next year ValMez Cup, we will be very happy if you invite us again!!


Michal Bíza

FK Hodonín, z.s.