31.7. 2021 Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Vlajka Černé Hory Chorvatská vlajka

1.8. - 2.8. 2020
Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Rakouská vlajka Chorvatská vlajka


Age category:
born in 2007 or younger
Number of participants:
28 teams
Playground and goals:
playing on four pitches with goals 2x5mm - playing area 1/2 large playground
Play time:
1x 20 minutes
Number of players:
7 + 1 (alternating manner hockey), the entire team of 16 players + 2 coaches
Playing system:
the first day of the four groups of 7 teams (round robin), the next day another fight in 4-member groups and playoffs
Hotels and restaurants:
teams will be offered accommodation and meals (lunch Saturday and Sunday under the entry fee)
Accompanying program:
for cultural and sports teams are preparing supplementary program for Saturday afternoon and evening>
first three teams will receive trophies and medals for all teams will be offered rewards (eg. An excellent Wallachian cake named „frgál“) also will award three best shooters, players, goalkeeper and best defender of the tournament
Entry fee:
3500,- Kč