31.7. 2021 Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Vlajka Černé Hory Chorvatská vlajka

1.8. - 2.8. 2020
Česká vlajka Slovenská vlajka Polská vlajka Srbská vlajka Rakouská vlajka Chorvatská vlajka

About tournament

The first idea to organize a tournament of this magnitude was in October 2014 when we are at our stadium staged a mini tournament 6 teams. As the echoes of the participating teams has been very positive, it was decided that next year we will organize the zero year of big international tournaments. The tournament was held 18 - 19 April 2015 and according to the participations had an excellent footballing and organizational level. References from the pilot edition here. We hope, therefore, create a tradition and always in the spring months in our town will meet top soccer teams.

Sporting events of this magnitude should be an exceptional event and both the sports and cultural and social events. We are here to present our city, club, county and throughout Wallachia. After the sports page should be a significant contribution to the tournament.

One of the reasons why our team embarks on a similar event is the fact that we are now in the year 2005 that met a bunch of great guys great footballers and parents. As for the parents, so we have absolute certainty that the entire event to engage wholeheartedly and will form the basis of the organizational team.